Living the Dream

Living the Dream

What drives this Blog


I’d like to introduce myself and the passion that drives this Blog.

My name is Brenda Ellen and I am passionate about all things art an following yours dreams.

To date 2013, I have been a Glass Artist for 22 years. Whenever in my life anyone asked me what I did for a living, I would proudly reveal and say with confidence, “I am a Glass Artist”….. Without any thought the person would usually say, “Wow………..…. How cool! So you blow glass!”……………..… I am sure you could imagine how deflating that might be as the innocent only associated being a Glass Artist with Blowing Glass. My next sentence would always start with, ‘well actually, blowing glass is one format of Art Glass, and I am fundamentally an Architectural Glass Artist. I see pictures in Glass and use glass as a form of expression” I would then proceed to educate them of all the other formats, including kiln formed glass, leadlighting, stained glass, etching, casting, copper foiling Tiffany Style….torch work, bead making and inevitably the person would say “wow, I did not realise you could do so much with Glass” I am sure the person was sorry they asked, but I felt justified to educate them.

My life journey change a few years ago and I decided it was time to live the recurring dream I have had for many years. I moved to a new location, from the trees to the sea and opened a Gallery & Studio that showcases Art Glass in all its beautiful, alluring glory. I wanted to share my passion for Art Glass alongside my peers and educate people about Glass as an Artistic medium. There is of course another part to my dream.

Selling your own Artwork is the ultimate compliment an Artist receives. As an artist trying to get art work, in any format, into a gallery can be hard enough as it is. But, trying to get your Art Glass into Gallery’s in your own state can be even harder. As an Artist it is difficult to emerge …… it takes confidence, courage and support. My belief is that for the greater good of art and community, Gallery’s should support Artists in their own State first. It’s great to have big named Artists from all over Australia and the world in their Gallery’s, however, please consider this, even those Artists started somewhere, probably at home.

Of course Artists can open their own gallery. Often when an Artists open’s a Gallery, they do so to showcase their Artwork, their technique skill and life journey. Promote themselves through their chosen medium. I admire this. It is not always economically viable to do so and it can take away from your artwork.

So, the other part of my dream was to be exclusive. To provide a forum and Art Space that represented Art Glass created by exclusively Western Australian Glass Artists. The Gallery was not to be about ‘me’ and my Artwork. It was to showcase my medium, giving an ‘Exhibition’ experience. I wanted to give back and support my peers for all that I have learnt from them. I want to educate the community about Art Glass and showcase a spectrum of artistic taste, technique and expression.

Please don’t misunderstand; I am a member of Ausglass, which is an Australian group representing Australian Glass Artists and AGDA, another Australian group representing Architectural Glass Artists and I support Australian Artists wholeheartedly. However, I was frustrated and believed I knew a solution. As such LAVA Art Glass Gallery & Studio is the only privately owned Gallery dedicated to Art Glass of a collective group of Glass Artists in Western Australia.

So, LAVA Art Glass Gallery & Studio stems from those passions. It’s about providing an Art Space for ‘Art that Flows’ by Western Australian Glass Artists. It’s about evolving with the glass as glass is a medium that has changed some much over the centuries. It’s about educating the innocent and sharing the beauty or colour, light and texture and the essence of glass.

What is the ultimate part of my dream….????

Put simply, when you think Art Glass in Western Australia you think LAVA.

A Gallery  that showcases Art Glass that has been created by over 20 different Glass Artists. A Gallery that offers choice. A choice of Artists. A choice of Style. A choice of Artistic expression. A choice of High End art work or a gift item. A Gallery that encompasses Modern, Edgy Art, Art that is Traditional, contemporary, functional, sculptural or wearable.

I invite you, to discuss these thoughts that drive my passions and I value free thought, freedom of speech and the right to your own option. My intention with this blog is to share on a more personal note the developments of the Gallery, how owning, and running the Gallery effects my Artwork and my journey finding the balance in life with your passions and reality.

As a footnote I would like to say that my life journey has been as colourful as the glass I love and touch every day. My life is enriched with the love and support of my three beautiful children. I have travel life’s journey growing into the woman I am today. People have floated in and out of my life, whether briefly or long term and touched me in precious ways. Even though the people in life may change I want to acknowledge and thank every person who has shared my life.  You have all given me the courage, support and strength to follow my dream.

Brenda Ellen 


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