The key to Happiness

A few days ago I was remind why I opened the Gallery.

I found myself sharing my passions for the Gallery and glass differently to any other day. I meet lots of people every day but on this day I met a lady who was on a holiday, whom coincidentally,  came from my home state. Instantly her energy was relaxed and she felt very much at home, as did I.

I notice that after the shock of the initial burst of colour, of which everyone experiences, she was very happy and comfortable to wander around the Gallery.  Took her time appreciating every piece of work asking questions freely and immersing herself in the art space and aura of the Gallery. I felt complimented that she was enjoying the Gallery & conversation as my dreams for the Gallery had hoped for.  The genuine interest was obvious and humbling.

We talked about the Glass, Art in general and our life journey that caused us to meet on that day. Having come from the same place and meeting on the other side of the country at this particular times in our lives.

I have always believed that we meet people for a reason for however long or short their  presence is in your life. On this day I felt enriched to have shared my passions not only for the glass and Art but for life itself.

This meeting reminded me of how passion for what you believe in and trusting your instincts is the key to pursuing dreams and happiness.  Meeting wonderful people, sharing like minded conversations and experiences and feeling alive.

Thank you Gillian!

One thought on “The key to Happiness

  1. So lovely to read this Brenda. Your genuine enthusiasm for your project and drive for life were truly inspiring. So happy to reconnect after all this time.
    And I’m a bit closer now – Goolwa SA! A truly inspiring place, well worth a visit!
    All the best to you and your gallery community!


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