LAVA News Flash

Today the first day of Spring and Father’s Day here in Australia. A Federal election next weekend and lots going on.

The Gallery has been open for five months now and the vibe and excitement has not waned. People from all walks of life are still coming in to enjoy the Art Glass and experience ‘Art that Flow’. I am still loving talking about the glass and sharing the stories that are behind all the pieces.
Now for the newsflash…..The Gallery will soon be holding one of many exhibition in the warmer weather. The first ‘ Our Backyard’ Five Glass Artists from the South West region of WA will be exhibiting, interpreting where they are from in the South West through their art work. Exhibition opening 14th September 2013.

The second will be in late November, ‘A LAVA Christmas’ 

I always knew it would be hard work long hours and yet the vision is stronger and my enthusiasm grows with the work load.

I am so excited to be sharing with the community the beauties of Art Glass.  If you an come visit, please do.


The journey is gaining momentum and is wonderful……


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