Our Backyard Exhibition

The exhibiting Artists at the ‘Our Backyard’ Art Glass Exhibition at LAVA Art Glass Gallery & Studio 

Ennica Brennan, Evelyn Henschke, Christine Elston, Wayne Harris and myself, Brenda Ellen

 September 14th 2013, at 4.30 pm  it was a rainy, windy and so uninviting afternoon. An afternoon you would prefer to curl up on the sofa and watch a good movie and have a glass of red wine. Well, not for the LAVA exhibition opening. It was the  first exhibition since opening at Easter and was a great success. Glass lovers came out to be inspired and treated with the talents of their local South West Glass Artist who  exhibit at the LAVA Gallery. The exhibition was opened by Claire Pendrigh from the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

Folk from Perth made the trip especially and I was so elated to see them. Friends, family and locals supported the opening and purchased exhibited pieces. Gallery was a buzz with the glass enthusiasts , the Glass Artists exhibiting and the infectious excitement  that the LAVA Gallery generates.

The LAVA team was very happy with the way the event happened given the wild weather and we thank everyone who came to the opening of the exhibition .

Opening exhibitions always have a toll on me. Preparing artwork to exhibit was a priority and I managed to get a body of work together that I was proud to exhibit alongside y peers. Eight pieces of work all varying techniques, all I loved making and being creative again lifted my energy, so now I’m getting daring and trying new things outside of my usual comfort zone.

All the artists produced beautiful varying work from Evelyn Henschke’s jewellery to Ennica Brennan’s stunning bird sculptures. Christine was alive with all her colour and Wayne the king of ‘less is more’ a  body of work all black and white.

There are always those behind the scenes that make the event and evening what it is, apart from the art work. Without them I really would have struggled and for the second time in my life I asked for help. The canape’s and  food was so professional, delicious and abundant, we may need to diversify!  The Champagne, wine and drinks were plenty and the food to match. No alcohol induced purchases, all real and spontaneous. Dawn produced the catalogue and was Gallery Assistant of the year.

Visit the LAVA website http://www.lavaartglass.com.au and have a look at the artwork of ‘Our Backyard’. A tease is below.

Happy days, soon to be warmer days I  hope 🙂

Thank you for your interest.




Christine Elston ‘Blue Water Reflections’


Ennica Brennan’s ‘Sky Blue Bird’


Evelyn Henschke ‘Underwater Backyard’


Brenda Ellen ‘Crashing Waves’


Wayne Harris macro image of ‘Silver Moon’

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