Post Exhibition Retrospective


Well, the LAVA ‘Our Backyard’ exhibition is now closed.

As Exhibitions go it was a wonderful success. Art was sold; the public were treated with a selection of theme based artwork and educated to many aspects of the Art Glass world that they did not know existed.

Lives were brightened with the beauty of glass! Mine included!

Post exhibition I reflected……Art Exhibitions….. What are they really? An opportunity to showcase your interpretations and your passions expressed through your artistic medium?

Perhaps, it is merely the forum or stage that we choose to ‘come out’ as an Artist and publicly expose ourselves for either acceptance, and be prepared for critic.

The more I thought of it I came to the following conclusion.

My belief is there are simply two parts to being an artist and the desire to exhibit.

The first is not only the desire to express yourself through your chosen medium but to have the conviction to put your name to your art. It is the bravest thing an artist can do. Own your soul, and put it out there for approval or critic. Group exhibitions always a wonderful way it introduce yourself.

I would be naive to ignore reality; the second is of course that exhibiting artists would like to sell their work.  There is no bigger compliment than a person connecting with artwork and wanting to buy it.

It is a huge step to exhibit and it comes down to one thing, confidence! It is part of an artist’s personal journey and can be quite daunting and liberating all at the same time.

I would like to thank the Artists who exhibited. Your artwork was marveled at and I enjoyed sharing your stories with the public and my life is richer for it.

Now to start and plan the nest exhibition ‘A LAVA Christmas’


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