Things are ramping up at LAVA

Hi there,

Well, the new year is well underway and things are ramping  up ( pardon the pun, a glass term ) at the LAVA Gallery & Studio.

The Gallery has now twenty-seven Western Australian Glass Artists.

From opening the Gallery in April 2013 to now, there are now fifteen new glass artist who exhibit their work.

I have been very careful to not double up on style, to keep the variety true and the quality and ethos of the Gallery is intact.

These really are exciting times!!  Daily I enjoy the flurry of people who come into the Gallery and enjoy the diversity of color and technique.

There is NOTHING more complimentary than having a group of young  people come into the Gallery and move around saying ‘ wow, how cool is this!’  for me that makes me smile and glow…. the ultimate compliment!!

Christmas was a wonderful experience for the Gallery. We had no real expectations as being a new business there was nothing to measure against. But, what I can say is that a lot of local folk in the South West of Perth and beyond did receive an Art Glass present for Christmas from ‘Art that Flows….’ Christmas decorations were very popular as were gift vouchers and family hand castings.

Thank you to all the Artists for their support of the LAVA Gallery!

Post Christmas, things are quieter, but not dead…… in the Gallery but the Studio is full on with teaching classes and commissions.
Not to mention I have a new piece of studio equipment…..very exciting…… a new bigger kiln, can’t wait to fire him up.

So, that’s the wrap up for now and I shall leave you with some new work in the LAVA Gallery.

Red Murine Vase by Laurie Fossier-Mills

Red Murrini Cylinder

A Rainy Day by Janine Koefoed

Rainy Days panel 47x20cm


Thank you for stopping by and please, stay tuned for some new work from the LAVA Lady  out of my new kiln 🙂 

Brenda 100411 copy

2 thoughts on “Things are ramping up at LAVA

  1. I enjoyed visiting you and chatting yesterday Brenda – I have no idea why I hadn’t before. Rest assured I will be telling everyone to come and visit and will bring my sister next time she is in town. I love the glass artwork in your gallery, and have had a look at your classes. Not that I know where I would fit another thing into my life – but you never know!
    You are inspiring – following your dream. Thank you.


    • Thank you Jill it was also lovely to meet and chat with you.
      Wonderful to meet people who see my vision and share creative passions.
      The great thing with my classes are that they are catered to YOU and are personable.
      Your words are kind and thank you for visiting and supporting me, my passion for glass and for boarding the LAVA train!


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