Five years on!

Reclining Lady

Reclining Naked Lady by Wayne Harris.                                      Photograph: Brenda Ellen

How excited are we to still  have the privilege of representing Western Australian Glass  Artists and showcase the variety of works in our very intimate and niche gallery.

I am still blown away with how receptive visitors are to the gallery experience and how much people love the glass.  Loyal regular customers returning to see if there are any new artists are showcased in the gallery and  experience the new artworks. Something we try very hard to do, keep the work fresh, new and different. Local support is genuinely appreciated and welcomed.

As with all businesses, to stay alive and continue to have a point of difference at LAVA we strive to not only keep visitors and glass collectors intrigued but also the community. To do this we have been holding Art Focused Events at Baudin Park adjacent to the LAVA Gallery. Creating a vibe and an opportunity for artists to paint, sculptors to sculpt, musicians to sing and generally creatives to create and share the experience with the public. One such recent event was Artisan At Marlston and we are looking to hold the event seasonally for creatives and the community.

Artisans @ Marlston 1

The stunning artwork above, ‘Reclining Naked Lady’ was created by Wayne Harris, a local Bunbury artist whose work is a regular feature at the LAVA Gallery.  When Wayne delivered her I fell in love with the piece and  literally, the next person who saw her, took the piece home. It really is a pleasure to sell other artists work and share in the excitement from both the creator and the buyer. I have to confess I do love all aspects of what I do…..and am still passionate about glass and all things art!


One thought on “Five years on!

  1. Hi Brenda,
    Just a quick hello and a thank you for the great piece of artwork Hugh and I bought last week while we were in Bunbury. You were not in the shop but we left a message.
    We bought a small piece of glasswork of the lighthouse/ocean. I think you did it. We have it near the window and it actually changes with the light. It really is beautiful and reminds me of home. Thanks. I hope I have placed this on your website.


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